Fastjet apologizes for the disruption of flights

Fastjet Tanzania deeply regrets the disruption to customers  affected by flight delays  over the weekend that started on Friday, 11 December 2015 as a result of the breakdown of the DAR-MWANZA-DAR, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customer's travel plans.
The principal cause of the disruption was a technical problem on the flight. Fastjet engineers worked hard to rectify the fault without success and ultimately a spare part had to be urgently ordered from Brussels, Belgium, which arrived on Sunday morning (13 December 2015) and the aircraft was finally restored and normal operations resumed by Sunday afternoon (14th December 2015).
The delay of that one flight caused more disruptions on following flights, and by Saturday most of the passengers managed to travel but due to the combination of Friday’s customers, there was overbooking, which led to some passengers remaining behind who were thereafter booked on the next flights.
The safety procedures and safe operation of our airline is paramount and will not be compromised therefore when there seem to be a technical fault Fastjet will ensure it’s resolved before dispatching a flight.
Following the cancellation of the flight, we offered our customers the fare to take them back home on Friday and asked them to come back the next day (Saturday 12, December 2015) and assured them that they would be given first priority travel. We also elected to provide passengers with bites and full meals depending on the length of the delays. Tickets refunds were also offered to customers as per Fastjets terms and conditions for those who demanded to be refunded.
We again apologize to all those who were affected, and assure everyone that the safety of our passengers is at the core of our operations at all times and emphasize our commitment to continue providing quality services to our esteemed customers.

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