Local Miners in Arusha and Manyara regions have been given green light by the state to import dynamites as long as they have the right infrastructure to safely store the explosives at their quarries in Mirerani.
The Northern Zone’s Mining Commissioner, Mr Adam Rashid has issued the directive in Arusha allowing  miners to order dynamites from South Africa. They should however  have  licences and permits first. Currently there is shortage of explosives in the mining area.   

Previously the importation of dynamites was conducted by two private firms that supplied explosives countrywide. But it seems the demand exceeded supply in the rather bureaucratic arrangement.
The Northern Mining Office decision follows a meeting between local miners of Arusha and Manyara and the Prime Minister Mr Kassim Majaliwa during his tour of Arusha. The miners complained about  the bureaucratic and cumbersome process to order dynamites.
Hussein Gonga one of the Directors of Tanzanite One Limited who was speaking on behalf of other miners, told the Prime Minister that operators want to start importing their own tools for effective production.
The miners, most of whom working at the Mirerani Hills of Simanjiro District in Manyara Region, explained to the Premier that around 60 percent of tanzanite mines have been forced into closure following the shortage of dynamites to blast  rocks in quarries.
Mr Rashid admitted before the Prime Minister that the country was suffering from an acute shortage of mining explosives and that  has made the extractive industry  suffer major setbacks in operations.
The Mining Commissioner noted that only two firms, Mzinga and Natron were licensed  to import  dynamites for the whole country.  But with poor supplies affecting miners, it was high time each operator was allowed to buy his or her own explosives from South Africa or wherever they can find them.
Mirerani Hills at the moment have 17 mining firms that have modern storage facilities for keeping dynamites.
‘’We have opened new quarries in Komolo village of Simanjiro and therefore availability of dynamites is of paramount concern,” said Rashid.

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